Without your health, the Net Positive path will be much harder to follow.

Our physical health is one of our greatest assets, something to be guarded and cherished at all times. The modern world is full of forces bound and determined to sabotage good health and it takes unwavering commitment to hang on to yours. Besides the very seductive messaging that we can easily identify as unhealthy though tempting, the real danger is often the tangle of well-meaning suggestions that lead even the most well-intentioned of us astray.

Put another way, some suggestions and their advocates are well-intentioned but not necessarily clear, completely informed or appropriate for you. Some are just plain opportunistic, ill-informed or misleading. It’s easy to see how this cast of characters can leave you spinning your wheels and getting nowhere fast.

The truth is pretty obvious. One size never fits all, and listening to yourself is crucial. So is putting  in the time to sift through the options and try some things out. The regenerative capacity of our bodies is mind blowing, so it shouldn’t take long to draw conclusions from any experiment with change. Truly nothing is more worthy of an investment of time and attention than your health.

Net Positive places a very special premium on the pursuit of radiant health. It is the foundation without which we can not realize our full potential as positive beings. It is a vital element of true joy and satisfaction.

Please remember that there are many paths to physical wellness, and while we will offer opinions, personal experiences and what we believe are throughly investigated resources to our readers, you are the final custodian of your health. Here’s hoping you find something on Net Positive that will illuminate your path to a pure and dynamic life force.

One place to start: http://www.westonaprice.org

A non-profit organization dedicated to communicating the philosophy of Dr. Weston A. Price; this site is an encyclopedic reference database that is easily navigated and well worth a little exploration.