And did I mention that it’s all free and available to download immediately! The one caveat is the usual, give us your email address and we’ll give you the world. In this case it would appear to be worth it. This is an absolute treasure trove of information on all things self-sufficient and anyone with even a whiff of an interest in creating a homestead capable of providing something more than a yard needs to check this out.

It’s both the overview and the specific. There are one to five page briefs and checklists on a range of subjects from animal husbandry, gardening, and alternative power to blacksmithing, home brewing (complete with a few tempting recipes) and beekeeping. There are immense encyclopedic reference on disciplines like herbal healing and home wine-making. And then there’s the dozens of other reference books.

With these texts alone (and their extensive accompanying diagrams and plans) you could just about have a complete homestead up and running and absolutely off the grid. I haven’t explored too much farther into the site yet, but it looks like there’s also a forum and store. They are based in Australia though, so shipping stateside might be prohibitive.

Do it for security or do it for fun, but get outside and greet the spring armed with one (or ten) of these plans and give yourself the gift of a resilient garden, a productive beehive, a new chicken coop, a hydro-electric power generator, a windmill, a composting toilet, a goat fence, a new shed……….

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