Honoring our physical universe must start with the temple our spirit is confined to throughout our journey on spaceship earth. Our body is our environment in the truest sense of the word. Not only is our treatment of ourselves physically the most basic representation of our interaction with the world at large, it is also essential to our ability to thrive as we navigate our lives.

A Net Positive outlook will be short lived if it does not make physical health a paramount priority. As with everything, there are many paths to a positive outcome and dogmatic fundamentalism is rarely compatible with optimal health. Seek and explore and most importantly be true to yourself. You are the gatekeeper of your health and how you safeguard your vitality is a window into your deepest values.

Wellbeing in our body, mind and spirit is what started us down the path to seeking the Net Positive perspective across all aspects of our lives. Learning to truly value your health and become vigilantly aware of the threats to it can lead to increased sensitivity to imbalances wherever they appear in your life.