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Thanks Iceland!

“I believe this is the first time a constitution is being drafted basically on the internet,” said Thorvaldur Gylfason, member of Iceland’s constitutional council.

The tiny island nation who was hit so hard in 2008 is using adversity to create opportunity. They are re-drafting their Constitution. And when I say they, I literally mean the people of Iceland themselves.

Using every social media outlet imaginable, from a youtube channel chronicling each discussion to a facebook forum and even a flicker account with photos of the representatives in action, the government has created maximum transparency and participation from their constituents. The people themselves have actually created the documents themselves, and what’s more

If the committee has its way the draft bill, due to be ready at the end of July, will be put to a referendum without any changes imposed by parliament – so it will genuinely be a document by the people, for the people.

Mob Rule at its best!

Photo: fotothing.com

The Economics of Happiness

A new documentary called The Economics of Happiness connects the dots between our consumer culture, environmental degradation and diminishing levels of satisfaction in life. There’s no mainstream release yet, but the film is following a unique kind of self distribution with screenings popping up all over the country. Here’s a trailer and a longer clip to whet your appetite. The film carries a timely message, the importance of localization to build genuine happiness, stability and sustainability, delivered by a luminous ensemble of visionaries. If you like what you see, help the film make an impact by setting up a screening in your area. I’m sure no group is too small and it’s a great excuse to gather friends!

If you really want to be inspired: Bhutan. A tiny Himalayan kingdom, closed to visitors until the ’70’s, where the king first declared that the national priority would be Gross National Happiness and then abdicated his power to make Bhutan the world’s newest democracy.

Looks like industrialized nations might be getting curious about how a society that puts people’s happiness first would look.Yes Magazine on the evolution of the GDP toward something more accurately representative of the impacts of our economic activities and more focused on the elements that lead to greater satisfaction for people.

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Hi there and Welcome to Net Positive!

This is a collaborative experiment in positive living. We’re writing this blog to share our journey toward living more consciously, more creatively, more compassionately….in other words: Net Positively!

The current paradigm we’ve all subscribed to has begun to fail as billions of our fellow humans are forced to endure abject misery while billions of others horde far more cash and resources than they need. Any paradigm will be stable until it generates problems it can not solve. Those problems then become the catalyst for a shift to a whole new paradigm. One that hopefully exemplifies the ingenuity, passion and promise of the human family.

We dream of a day when we are all partners and collaborators in the architecture of our happiness rather than rivals and adversaries competing in an endless and devastating cycle of manufactured scarcity. Opposing destructive forces through equally destructive solutions will only serve to multiply their damage.  Instead we propose a path to prosperity achievable without the frustration and rage we’ve relied on to revolutionize our world in the past.

This journey is constantly evolving and clarifying itself. The path unfolds before us as we walk it, never affording us more than a momentary glimpse of its future. We hope to be fluid enough to follow the path wherever it leads. After all, each passing moment is a chance to redefine, reinvigorate, awaken and transcend.

No one is perfect, but anyone can be net positive. The idea is to shift the balance of your interactions, ideas, contributions, choices to the positive side of the spectrum. We all have down days, and that’s OK. Our goal is simply to make the good outweigh the bad.

We’re glad you’re here and we hope you’ll share your voice and your journey with us!

Human Nature is not a fixed thing but a Spectrum of Potentials. One moment we are at our best, the next is an unknown. No being or path is homogenous, but a continuously evolving diversity of elements and energies. No one is perfect, but anyone can keep the balance of their participation in the world/ universe/ paradigm on the positive end of the spectrum.

Every day is a New Frontier. Every moment is a chance to be Born Anew. Let your identity be fluid. Let yourself be Net Positive.