Inherent in the concept of Net Positive is that some of the balancing negative energy is inevitable. For this reason, it is essential to understand not only the positive forces that surround and nurture us, but also their opposing forces.

Often called a blessing and a curse, whatever your perspective, the reality is that we do live in interesting times. More than that, we live on the precipice of one way of life where we have the double-edged advantage of seeing both the ending of one paradigm and the emergence of an alternative. In fact, we are the people who will bring the new paradigm into being, the hospice and the midwife. Because of this awesome responsibility, it is essential to completely understand the paradigm we have been experimenting with for the last six or seven thousand years.

It’s equally important to understand that it has in fact been an experiment, as all human-created, social structures are. The new paradigm will be no more final than any other. It is merely the next step in our evolution as compassionate, creative and conscious beings.

This section is devoted to taking an unflinching look at where humanity stands now and how this paradigm is failing us. These realities make a devotion to being Net Positive more important now than ever before.


Maybe more than any other, Communication is the skill most essential to a fulfilling life. The simplicity of expressing yourself clearly, feeling understood, and of course truly listening can be deceptive. In practice these can be harder to achieve than gold medal at the Olympics.

In a perfect world, improving and refining our communication skills would be a life long practice and passion for everyone. Almost nothing is more gratifying and rewarding than smooth communication. It’s more than a luxury though, optimized communication is essential for creative and constructive collaboration which in turn is essential for the optimal future of our species.


We could view our culture as one of our primary means of communication as a human family. We have created a staggering diversity of artistic pursuits and enriched each other and the planet with them.

At times, it’s been the only way to share our stories and collaborate about the future. Then again, art can simply exist for art’s sake alone.

Here are our thoughts on humanity’s cultural output; from any source on any subject in any medium.


Honoring our physical universe must start with the temple our spirit is confined to throughout our journey on spaceship earth. Our body is our environment in the truest sense of the word. Not only is our treatment of ourselves physically the most basic representation of our interaction with the world at large, it is also essential to our ability to thrive as we navigate our lives.

A Net Positive outlook will be short-lived if it does not make physical health a paramount priority. As with everything, there are many paths to a positive outcome and dogmatic fundamentalism is rarely compatible with optimal health. Seek and explore and most importantly be true to yourself. You are the gatekeeper of your health and how you safeguard your vitality is a window into your deepest values.

Well-being in our body, mind and spirit is what started us down the path to seeking the Net Positive perspective across all aspects of our lives. Learning to truly value your health and become vigilantly aware of the threats to it can lead to increased sensitivity to imbalances wherever they appear in your life.


After our bodies and before our communities, our homes are an expression of Net Positive in the physical world. They offer us the chance to build a Net Positive environment to nurture ourselves and inspire others. This section will provide an ever-growing resource of tips, tricks and tools to create a Net Positive home front.

The ideal home front can do more than house our possessions, it can provide for our basic human needs. Aesthetics are an essential element of any environment, but we have to be careful not to get too enthralled with the superficial. A Net Positive home is more than a beautiful space, it’s the place which nurtures you and enables you to provide for yourself, increasing your security and peace of mind.


The children are our future is not only a popular refrain, it’s the literal truth. All our choices today determine the future we leave to the youngest among us, and those yet to come. The Iroquois Nation believed that each action should be judged by it’s effect on the seventh subsequent generation. Today we seem more inclined to borrow the prosperity of the future and leave behind nothing but an IOU.

The Net Positive path demands that we reconnect with our obligation to the younger generations alive today as well as those yet to come. To do this, we must first endeavor to understand their concerns and needs and then do our part to leave behind a world able to support not only their lives but also their dreams.

The Next Generation speaks here in the hopes that someone is still listening.


A chorus of voices is emerging today, and though they have a multitude of ideas, hopes and dreams as diverse as they are themselves, there seems to be a uniting shared value system. The search for ways to evolve as people and become ever more compassionate, conscious and just is thrilling. Our futures hinge on our every choice today. Here you can find people and ideas at the forefront of shaping our changing world.


Throughout history, people have been drawn to individuals who excel at the practice of life. From parents to proactivists, role models come in all shapes and sizes and are an important element of any community.

Modeling our values in our actions is the single biggest step any of us can take to create the world we wish to live in and makes us all someone’s hero.

Here we celebrate the people, past and present, who exemplify the Net Positive spirit and provide an example of the best in all of us.


Music is one of the strongest inspirations for many among us. A tradition we have shared for millennia, it will surely carry on as long as there are people left to sing! We love a good playlist and we hope you’ll enjoy these.


During times of trial or times of simplicity, we humans always seek the gratification of our senses and emotions. As important as it is to be productive, it’s equally necessary to feed our hearts and minds.

Fortunately, antidotes to the strain and drain that can derail us from our path to Net Positive living are abundant.

Here we share our personal favorites for soothing a weary soul and keeping spirits up through the good times and the trying.


Any choice, behavior or character trait can also be viewed as a practice. Sometimes we are paralyzed by a drive for perfection that leaves us frustrated enough to give up even trying. Instead of visualizing our goals as a destination, a result we are unable to achieve or are not yet in possession of, the concept of a path or practice can be much more useful.

When you realize that your evolution is a process and a path you can and should walk throughout your life, you are free and empowered to take baby steps without judging yourself. Even the most talented, evolved and able among us must always practice before they inspire the admiration of others.

To this end, there are a diverse range of activities and devotions we can use to bring us closer to the Net Positive ideal and increase our fulfillment in life. We’ll share some of our favorites here.


Reading is a pastime so rarely sought these days. Fewer people take the time and many have lost the attention span to see the pleasure in reading. It’s an activity that benefits us on so many levels, from slowing down the fervently ticking clock to freeing our imaginations and sharpening our intellect, from opening our eyes and hearts to illuminating new ways of thinking and skills for living the Net Positive life.

There’s nothing quite like the interchange between the reader and the text. Here you will find our thoughts on worthwhile texts, each illuminating different elements of the Net Positive existence.


The News is never as bad as it seems. On the other hand, things are far from perfect. Though it may not always be rosy, the truth is ever better than fiction where current events are concerned.

Thanks to the internet, and the ability to communicate without a corporate middleman that it brings us, we have a greater opportunity than ever before to find and spread the truth. Here are our picks for stories worthy of your attention.


It’s how you play the game. We love to see athletes modeling Net Positive choices.

From their focus on physical health to their deep commitment to collaborative, team oriented strategies, athletes can be Net Positive in action!

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