Inherent in the concept of Net Positive is that some of the balancing negative energy is inevitable. For this reason, it is essential to understand not only the positive forces that surround and nurture us, but also their opposing forces.

Often called a blessing and a curse, whatever your perspective, the reality is that we do live in interesting times. More than that, we live on the precipice of one way of life where we have the double-edged advantage of seeing both the ending of one paradigm and the emergence of an alternative. In fact, we are the people who will bring the new paradigm into being, the hospice and the midwife. Because of this awesome responsibility, it is essential to completely understand the paradigm we have been experimenting with for the last six or seven thousand years.

It’s equally important to understand that it has in fact been an experiment, as all human-created, social structures are. The new paradigm will be no more final than any other. It is merely the next step in our evolution as compassionate, creative and conscious beings.

This section is devoted to taking an unflinching look at where humanity stands now and how this paradigm is failing us. These realities make a devotion to being Net Positive more important now than ever before.

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